Big Bad Mahi-Mahi from a friend out west.

  From: **************** To: Subject: I just came across your web-site today. Date: Saturday, March 16, 2002 11:11 PM While looking up Trout fishing info. I noticed your Mahi-Mahi site and accessed it .Back in July of 97 I drove down to Cabo San Lucas with a Fishing Club, (from the school I work at ),as a chaperone,and ended up catching my first and only Dorado, a 68 Lb. Bull which took me 1&1/2 hours to land.Let me know if you could use a picture to go along with this tale. I've never released a picture nor did I get any formal recognition as we left the docks before the Harbor Master was in and upon returning with our catch that day were advised he was a little upset at us so we unloaded and left. Thank You Max O. Orozco Thermal Ca.
68 Pound Mahi-Mahi (July 1997)
(circa July 1997)
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